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HICSE (High Council of Stick-It Elders)

William Shoeworth III
El Presidente

William Schaefer
Right Hand Man
E-mail: Will

World Headquarters

Boston, MA

Stick-It Chapters

Seatle Chapter
Bill Shoeworth
Boston Chapter
Will Schaefer
San Francisco
Kyle Wild
Oklahoma Chapter
Robert Newton (AIM / E-mail)
UIUC Chapter
Kevin Butterscotch
Bloomington Chapter
T.J. Toasterstein

A map of 'current' Stick-It activity.


We've received support and donations from two corporations. Take the time to check out their fine products (and the backbone of our sport):



Compliments of the illustrious J. Kyle Wild esquire. Mr. Wild is a devoted Stick-It fan and El Presidente of the San Francisco chapter. Stick-It is just one the causes this noted philanthropist chooses to support, and we encourage you to thank him by leaving him alone so he forgets about this page and continues to host it for free

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